Libraries! Ok so I know this is a common one amongst undergrads. postgrads and faculty alike but I think of all those it is worse for those of us writing in very specialised fields. It is a well known fact that as students we live on a shoestring budget, so it really doesn’t help matters when the books you need are over 500 miles away in the British Library. I can’t just pop there! I can’t just abandon my family and bugger off to London for a week, as tempting as that sounds. The purse strings just won’t stretch that far!

Interlibrary loans at Uni are pretty good, but often the resources I need will not be lent out – especially as I am researching magazines, which are often too fragile.

Archives – this is another bugbear – Why are all the archives for a lot of British writers safely ensconced in American vaults???

Thank god for burgeoning digitisation! I don’t know what I would do if it were not for online resources which make available much of the material I need… but not the rarer stuff sadly! The only downside is it can be hard to locate online resources and you can sound an age getting distracted by the inter web  trying to find them.

So that’s my day sorted then – trying to track down digital copies of feminist magazines circa 1911 …. the joys! Happy Monday!


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