I need a new one – I like the 18 month planners by Moleskine but they run from July to December (but ironically not from December to July – which would make sense surely?)
My daughter bought me a diary for Christmas which I felt obliged to use and now I find that as the end of the year draws closer I need a lovely soft back moleskin planner – so will unfortunately have to opt for the 12 month variety.
Ok so this isn’t as much of a problem as it sounds but the academic year runs at odds with normal 12 month planners … which means I can’t neatly file my diaries into corresponding academic years (sounds anally retentive but it is good for trying to remember past conferences etc) …

I also like the 18 month variety as it allows an overlap for each year and makes planning more fluid ( I am actually surprised at how my own geekiness has grown)
Oh the frustration! And I need to solve the problem soon as my commitments for 2012 are already mounting! I fear I am going to have to opt for the 12 month version! *sigh*

Literary QUERY:While I am here does anyone out there know of novels from about 1900 whose main or supplementary characters include a woman writer (working writer, journalist,novelist)? a fellow Scots Modernist is on the prowl for material of this nature and I wondered if anyone dropping by might have any relevant information.


One thought on “Diaries and Planners

  1. I had to go and look at the Moleskin planner – bad move because now I want one!

    I can’t think of any ‘women writing’ novels at the moment. If I come aross any I’ll post the title. – Is ‘The Well of Loneliness’ (1928) too late. Stephen, the female lesbian protagonist is a writer.

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