So the last couple of days I have been testing out mind mapping and the best thing I have found is a cheap app for the iPad – at last I have found a real use for the iPad other than playing solitaire city

rather to fiddly and inflexible and space is constricted

I tried paper and pen – using different colours etc and whilst it was a worthwhile process it was fiddly and once you had positioned your word/image it had to stay there so it got very messy after a while and was quite inflexible. On the iPad you can relocate text boxes with a whoosh of a finger. After having a quick go on the  free version I downloaded the upgrade for SimpleMind – and I think it will provide a useful tool when I am just sitting in front of the TV or in bed, and my mind is still racing with ideas. I can save maps, cross reference them and I can even email them to myself which will prove handy – and better still it is paper free!

Whiteboards are brilliant but a little large to carry around with you.

I also have a mind map on my white board which I often look at or add things too – this is also more useful than paper but confined by space. With the iPad the map can grow exponentially and it never becomes an issue of space – you can even overlap separated maps etc … so I can see me finding this very useful

SimpleMind software for iPad makes mind mapping a doddle

The whole thing is very interactive and intuitive and the whole process is now starting to feel productive – and I do like it when something leads to productivity rather than procrastination … It also solves the problem of having to read my handwriting which she I am in a hurry can be rather less than tidy. The other advantage of course is portability – no need to put them in a folder, or to cart around bulky items- they all sit quietly on the iPad until you are able to open them up – and of course there is the added advantage of using them on the go so you never have to lose the thread of idea !

Out of all three methods the iPad is going to prove very useful. I think I will forgo the pen and ink variety and use the whiteboard as a more permanent over view map of the entire project … So thumbs up from me!


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