… has been rather a pain in the butt – I can probably write off the last two weeks because of the constant interruption, the cries of ‘I’m bored … so I am mighty relieved to have the ‘not so little anymore’ one back at school from Monday!

My New Mantra

I have 8 weeks to complete a 25,000 word section – which means as of Monday I will need to produce 3,125 a week … my goal is to have at least this many words by Sunday evening. It is possible to write a couple of thousand words a day when one is focused and not too distracted by offers of 50% off all orders from Monsoon  and at least a seven hundred to a thousand of those should be ‘good’ words: the sort you can read without shuddering at your own ineptitude.

I have found that I work through my thinking via writing – it is no good me me planning what I am going to write. My thoughts are of the willo’ the wisp variety which means the minute I try to pin them down they float off into another realm. I found when I was writing a paper for a conference a short while ago that I am far better and much more fluid if I free write without paying too much close attention to the editing process. The only thing I do as I go along is footnoting (because sod’s law tells us that if you fail to footnote your information as you use it you will immediately forget where the hell you got that information from and spend the next 3 months trying to locate it!) .

So the plan is – the weekend will be reading in dribs and drabs. Monday morning will be spent structuring each section to create an over all ‘plan’ and Monday afternoon I will try to have at least 1000 words down on the page. Whether those make it to the final cut is highly doubtful but early on writing without holding back is the key … words, any words, down on a page takes away the fear of empty page syndrome. 

I shall also be referring back to The Thesis Whisperer blog for handy hints on how to write productively; especially  the on writing section.

One other consideration that I will be confronting over the next two days will be whether or not to write this section in Scrivener or whether to stick with what I know and keep on plugging away with word?  I am sure come Monday I will let you all know what i decide … that’s if you can wait til then!


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