This is a game I am becoming an expert in. I am approximately two weeks behind on my targets. I know I can up the ante and get it done but why do I always feel as though what lies ahead of me is way out of my reach?

I did better on the 1000 words a day goal after my last post (hence the reason I didn’t blog on Friday) but I should be sitting at around 7,000 words by this point – and I have approximately 3,000! Finger needs to be pulled out – nose needs to be put to the grindstone and efforts need to doubled in order to get some hope of getting it ready.

And it’s Monday.  A day of disruptions and interruptions and kids in and out. There is no food in the house so I need to spend time doing an internet shop!

Gosh – what a gripe I am today!


2 thoughts on “Playing Catch Up

  1. It certainly is a juggle. I’m also behind in my targets and, as my next module in my degree has recently commenced I’m finding that my target setting hasn’t quite settled down yet. Thank goodness for internet shopping eh 😉


  2. I am also way behind on my to do list. My targets aren’t so much as deadlines, but set as actual tasks to do. I wish there was an anti-procrastination pill I could take!

    Online shopping is a godsend. I can’t bear the idea of trawling around our local hypermarket anymore.


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