It looks worse than it is!

Nothing worse for an academic than an untidy work space. The very nature of research however, lends itself to stacks of papers, books, folders, even electronic gizmos, used coffee cups, half drunk bottles of water and the general detritus of working for hours on end at a desk. And there is something comforting in being surrounded by disorganised masses of treasured things. But it cannot be denied – it does not help you think with a clear mind!

I am a little afeared I may be channelling Anthea Turner today – which is a very scary thought! Maybe it was Anthea who said  a cluttered house = a cluttered mind? Or maybe I just made that up … I am sure google will hold the answer.

This untidiness is exacerbated by working from home – because there is no one to ‘police’ me, empty my bins, give the office a quick hoover and there is little risk (apart from small fingers in the case of children) of anyone disturbing my ‘carefully’ arranged ‘heap!’ When I had an office at the university I was meticulous in my organisation because I was aware that when I left my desk I had to make all my materials secure from prying eyes and the cleaner’s twitch to through things they ‘thought’ was rubbish in the bin … (our cleaners were great though ! A well placed MITTS OFF post-it worked a treat!)  I can’t say I was anymore productive (hence the choice to decamp to home) but I at least knew where everything was!

So – resisting accusations from myself that I am procrastinating – today is organise myself day. I need to sift through the paperwork, organise bill payments and properly organise my research print offs so that they are in a more accessible ‘heap’ than the one in which the currently sit. I do find a good clear out very therapeutic. It’s also bin day tomorrow – so that helps motivate me to get rid of rubbish and black bag it!

**Warning I am about to mention the ‘C’ word**

And a Shakespeare in a Globe Theatre ....

My Literary Chritmas Wishlist is being compiled as I type … I shall link to a new page when it is complete (whenever that will be) …

Happy Wednesday fellow geeks!


4 thoughts on “Cleaning House

    1. Maybe we are autumn cleaners rather than spring ones? My office has had a refurb and a paint so it isn’t too bad but the desk and floor space are just beginning to look over crowded … Yeah us!

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