Shake that Booty

get the brain going by having a wee bop to your favourite bouncy tune!

Recommended for getting the blood pumping
Rizzle Kicks – Mamma do the HUmp
Marron 5 – Moves Like Jagger
Bruno Mars – Runaway

Nothing better than a huge mug of steaming Hot Lava Java and a few motivational songs to kick start a dull day and get one in the mood for some serious researching!

I am so psyched – I am going to write a GAZILLION words by tea time – Unrealistic? Moi? Oh you really think so …. 😉

Who said we researchers were a boring bunch – IN YO FACE MUVVA …. ok maybe that is one step too far!

New Title – Same Problem!

Ok so yesterday I was having a wee browse on the internet (as you do) in the interests of my research (why else would I surf the net?) when I came across a blipper who claims to have spent the day in ‘active procrastination’.

That’s a new one on me, I thought! So I enquired – how is that different to normal procrastination then? Her reply was that active procrastination is the art of avoiding one job by doing another. The example she gave was that she wrote her first book when she should have been writing her PhD … Little did I know it but I have been actively procrastinating for YEARS! And somehow now I don’t feel so bad about it!

However there is no getting away from the fact it is all a beautifully repackaged version of displacement activity!

So setting manageable goals is the key –  so I am following the 3 in 30 challenge of setting 3 things I want to do each day for 30 days. As a twist to this I will make it a bit of a challenge. The first one will be the thing I like doing least and need to do most. The second will be the thing I don’t mind doing but find it easy to put off and the third one will be a pleasant thing I enjoy doing and would like to do first.

So: Today I want to:

1) read at least one section on the thesis on my desk

2) have at least passed the 13,000 mark on my writing … I have 12,321 so doable!

3) Go out and take a picture for my daily blip that I am proud of. (I spend far too much time doing this and I enjoy it far too much!) Also my blip has now taken on a literary twist if anyone wants to join in just follow me on The People Twitcher

Do you Ever Wonder ?

What makes a person subscribe to your blog? I never fail to be amazed that someone out there actually wishes to hear what I have to say.

Normally, in my house, everyone tries their level best to ignore me! Hence the raised volume levels! 😉

Today I am back at the helm and trying to get my head firmly stuck into the work – so I thought I would say hi to my new subscribers Tshang welcome tot he madness) and Jenni. I hope to return the favour and visit your blogs soon.

As for you other miscreants who drop by regularly I am reading and trying to stay caught up!

I have deigned 2012 to be THE YEAR OF THE THESIS! Wish me luck!

Good Things (I am trying to be more positive on Mondays can you tell?) 
I survived Christmas
It isn’t Christmas for a long time.
I can now stop thinking about Christmas!

Fresh Starts all round

I do not make resolutions. I find that the more goals I load on myself the less likely I am to succeed in any of them.

So for 2012 I just want to do what I need to do to succeed in the things I want to succeed in.

Blogging will start again in earnest once I get my life back to some sort of routine … Holidays are fabulous but getting back into your regular habits can be quite an uphill struggle!