What makes a person subscribe to your blog? I never fail to be amazed that someone out there actually wishes to hear what I have to say.

Normally, in my house, everyone tries their level best to ignore me! Hence the raised volume levels! 😉

Today I am back at the helm and trying to get my head firmly stuck into the work – so I thought I would say hi to my new subscribers Tshang welcome tot he madness) and Jenni. I hope to return the favour and visit your blogs soon.

As for you other miscreants who drop by regularly I am reading and trying to stay caught up!

I have deigned 2012 to be THE YEAR OF THE THESIS! Wish me luck!

Good Things (I am trying to be more positive on Mondays can you tell?) 
I survived Christmas
It isn’t Christmas for a long time.
I can now stop thinking about Christmas!


3 thoughts on “Do you Ever Wonder ?

  1. I never cease to be amazed when I see an email alerting me to a new subscriber. I also never take it for granted. I sincerely hope the people who do that enjoy what I offer them. It gives me extra impetus to really stretch to be funny, meaningful, helpful & etc. :o)

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