New Levels of Absenteeism

I am beginning to think that my adopted pseudonym is perhaps prescient of my erratic ‘seek her here, seek her there‘ blogging style.

Erratic is a generous way of saying –  where the fuck have you been? not been here at all! I am surprised I still have any followers let alone the generous souls who leave comments for me from time to time.

I think I have defined new levels of erraticism (a word that can cause raised eyebrows when said quickly with a Welsh accent I can tell you!) My report card would and should most certainly read ‘could do better!’

The main problem is that I have been writing up a huge chunk of my thesis. This means most of my day is spent with my head buried in books, making notes and trying to sort out the shit mountain of research material,  that passes for ideas,  into coherent well written PhD standard prose … HA HA HA HA HA HA that’s going well! NOT !!! 

This process has not been helped by Apple’s ‘clever’ software which insists on changing my typos into ‘real words’ – the fact that those real words bear no resemblance to what I actually wanted to write seems to not matter to apple. It seems any word, spelt correctly will fit at any given time. Luckily it doesn’t like rude words so I can sleep safe in the knowledge that if I ever misspell ‘count’ it won’t offend anyone!


This particular peccadillo of Apple’s is particularly frustrating when it autocorrects ITS to IT’S … I have had to capitalise this not in order to get your attention, but because Apple have conceded that CAPITALISATION NEEDS NO AUTOCORRECTION … my supervisor however is not so forgiving when it comes to ITS and IT’S … I DO know the rule, I Do know how to use the correct possessive or declarative … honest! However I can see her brow furrow when yet again, unnoticed by me, Apple Autocorrect has struck again!

So my recent supervision meeting was something of a reunion for the Good, the Bad, and the bloody Ugly … but on a positive note I knew what was good, what was bad and I just couldn’t help but identify the ugly … so at least we are on the same page and she is less likely these days to cry into her pillow after every meeting! I hope …

So blogging – it fits sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t … the question is I clearly can’t make it a daily thing so I may make it a Weekly thing instead and see how that goes … perhaps also a more structured theme/idea to be explored rather than simply rambling my way through …

We shall see! Any ideas of how to make this work and be fun … feel free to make them known here!