This phrase could describe me and my blogging commitment – I start, I go great guns, I falter and then I disappear, for months at a time! 


I am back mainly because I need a space to vent my frustrations in the upcoming months as I reach the final hurdle and near submission! 


I have nine months … well just under seeing as we are half way through January already! 


Today is day one … word count is resting at 62,263. two chapters to write and an introduction and conclusion to formulate and the whole thing to format (iWIP)  …


So January 14th 2013 – it begins! 


From January 15th 2013 I am going to try and free write for 20 mins, on here, to set my thoughts down on the day ahead and to order my writing. It’s experimental so bare with me. If any of you are still out there that is! 


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