Reviewing extant paradigms of textual interpretation can open some pretty interesting doors to theories that might otherwise have passed me by.

Discovering Jerome J. McGann has certainly helped me formulate a more cohesive argument regarding the interconnectivity of certain modernist Little Magazines.Image


This is because his work is not based on the hermeneutics of reading and interpretation but rather on writing and production. His ideas on how every text enters into a socio-historical context allows anyone working in literature to take a fresh look at old interpretation in a more materialist way. 


For McGann textuality is a matter of inscription and articulation, which is one of the basic arguments of my thesis and now I have a theorist which I can turn to for the kind of academic support that my argument was lacking. It is a wee bit of a breakthrough. I knew my ideas were sound, however it’s good to know that there is a respected academic out there who has given a label to the ideas circulating in my head, and a vocabulary with which to explain it. 


This will make writing the introduction a little easier in the long term and will help fill out the section I have in draft form on the importance of periodic coding! Hurrah for small break throughs!



This deserves a trip to Aberfeldy and the Watermill book shop … 😀 




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