I had forgotten the therapeutic nature of crafting – so set aside a day this weekend to have a wee fiddle.

A friend of mine kindly loaned me her rather extensive stash of craft materials, departing with a wink and a parting comment of ‘I don’t mind what you do as long as you make me something!’ 


So I set to and made her a card … then I made another card for someone I know who was having a bit of a rough time of it, and thought – hey this is procrastination taken to a fine arty level FUN!

The project I was working on at the weekend needs refining and I doubt I am going to be making my fortune out of selling them to  gullible foo other folks, but I did find the process of creating something physical with my hands a great way of relaxing my mind and emptying it of all the circulating ideas that get so confused and tangled.


The problem with any such displacement activity is that you just want to to do more and more of it, especially as it brings with it a kind of zoning out peaceful trance like quality that is hard to attain when engaged in academic work! 


So what to do? Well perhaps treat myself to craft sessions every time I reach certain goals, like a glorified grown-up star chart! Whilst I can see to the outsider this seems like a ridiculous state of affairs, I will do what I need to do to psychologically get myself through this damn process, and if that includes treating myself like a reluctant toddler in order to get myself to do anything productive, so damn well be it! 


Who knows it might work!


2 thoughts on “Getting Crafty With it …

  1. I can completely identify with this. I’ve been knitting as my way of zoning out – quite hard to do when you study. You are right of course, getting the balance right is important – but oh we all need a bit of creativity. Lovely to read your post.

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