Do you Ever Wonder ?

What makes a person subscribe to your blog? I never fail to be amazed that someone out there actually wishes to hear what I have to say.

Normally, in my house, everyone tries their level best to ignore me! Hence the raised volume levels! 😉

Today I am back at the helm and trying to get my head firmly stuck into the work – so I thought I would say hi to my new subscribers Tshang welcome tot he madness) and Jenni. I hope to return the favour and visit your blogs soon.

As for you other miscreants who drop by regularly I am reading and trying to stay caught up!

I have deigned 2012 to be THE YEAR OF THE THESIS! Wish me luck!

Good Things (I am trying to be more positive on Mondays can you tell?) 
I survived Christmas
It isn’t Christmas for a long time.
I can now stop thinking about Christmas!


Christmas is a Feminist Issue.

And the prize for the BAH HUMBUG blog entry in Christmas Week goes to The PhD PIMPERNEL *applause*


I am probably not the first woman,nor will I be the last, to feel that the pressure on the female of the species at this supposedly ‘Festive’ time of year is just incomparable.

I feel as though my head is going to explode and work is just not happening due to the constant demands for other things to get done.

I’d like to share with you an adaptation of the poem ‘IF” by Rudyard Kipling adapted by a fellow Blipper and friend, which for me sums up ( a little too kindly) the current situation for many women.

If You can Keep Your Head when all At Work and all around You
Are Screaming down the phone, and Shouting At You,
If You can trust yourself, to Run past Boots,
Without Buying up half the No 17 counter,
But Still remember to Buy Essentials.
If You can wait, On the 13 Minutes Past,
Even when it comes at 42 minutes Past,
And Not Be Fed up to the Back Teeth,
If They Lie to You, Don’t Accept their Guarantees,
You are better than that.

If You Can Dream, and Live Happily in them.
If You can Think, and Be Pleasantly Surprised,
If you can meet with Dolce & Gabba, and DKYN
And Know Fakes from Genuine and still be
Quite happy to buy the Cheapest Version.
If you can hear what you’ve said to someone
Spoken back and it sounds like utter drivel;
But see you Children fall and be hurt,
STOP and put them back together with your heart.

If you can take everything you have,
And Risk it on the Last Minutes Sales, 48 Hours before Christmas Day
And Find they aren’t Starting til Boxing day.
And Not Cry with Frustration, knowing the Prices will
Be So much better on 28th.
If you can Force a Smile, and Grit Your Teeth
And be nice to Everyone who Says “I’ve done all mine?”.
Go forth and buy everything required at Exorbitant Prices
Even tho your will says ?”Hold On”.

If you can walk down the High Street, and not Loose your head
Or walk through Malmasion, with your pants tucked in your skirt,
If No Evil Shop Assistant, or Vicious Conductor can hurt you,
If your daughter can count on you, to get exactly what she needs,
If you can fill the unforgiving Advent
With 12 Days of Bloody Shopping,
Yours will be Christmas and Everything it brings,
And, which is more, You will be A Mother, You will!

I find this time if year an incredible strain as despite the fact I am meant to be working FULL-TIME on a Ph.D come Christmas I am suddenly expected to make the holiday perfect for everyone else – if I delegate the job simply doesn’t get done the way it should be done, because it seems no one else is really that bothered; well until it isn’t done and then they wonder why!

My tree still isn’t up! My house is still not ready and I am taking a leaf out of the Man’s Handbook to Christmas – and I’m not bothering!

After a long rant to my mother (yes my MOTHER) she enquired if I was ‘on the change’ …

Christmas is most certainly a feminist issue!

Cleaning House

It looks worse than it is!

Nothing worse for an academic than an untidy work space. The very nature of research however, lends itself to stacks of papers, books, folders, even electronic gizmos, used coffee cups, half drunk bottles of water and the general detritus of working for hours on end at a desk. And there is something comforting in being surrounded by disorganised masses of treasured things. But it cannot be denied – it does not help you think with a clear mind!

I am a little afeared I may be channelling Anthea Turner today – which is a very scary thought! Maybe it was Anthea who said  a cluttered house = a cluttered mind? Or maybe I just made that up … I am sure google will hold the answer.

This untidiness is exacerbated by working from home – because there is no one to ‘police’ me, empty my bins, give the office a quick hoover and there is little risk (apart from small fingers in the case of children) of anyone disturbing my ‘carefully’ arranged ‘heap!’ When I had an office at the university I was meticulous in my organisation because I was aware that when I left my desk I had to make all my materials secure from prying eyes and the cleaner’s twitch to through things they ‘thought’ was rubbish in the bin … (our cleaners were great though ! A well placed MITTS OFF post-it worked a treat!)  I can’t say I was anymore productive (hence the choice to decamp to home) but I at least knew where everything was!

So – resisting accusations from myself that I am procrastinating – today is organise myself day. I need to sift through the paperwork, organise bill payments and properly organise my research print offs so that they are in a more accessible ‘heap’ than the one in which the currently sit. I do find a good clear out very therapeutic. It’s also bin day tomorrow – so that helps motivate me to get rid of rubbish and black bag it!

**Warning I am about to mention the ‘C’ word**

And a Shakespeare in a Globe Theatre ....

My Literary Chritmas Wishlist is being compiled as I type … I shall link to a new page when it is complete (whenever that will be) …

Happy Wednesday fellow geeks!