Feeling Furious

Reading Kate Zambreno‘s latest brilliant book ( and I don’t use the word brilliant very often) HEROINES I am incensed, furious, livid, at what was (and maybe still is) considered an acceptable attitude towards women’s writing of the modernist era.
I can’t put the damn book down – my PhD – the submission of which is fast approaching, imminent in fact! – sits neglected as I devour Zambreno’s deliciously constructed text.

“He writes I imagine, in the tradition of neurotic men who treat women as objects but are forgiven for their insight and sensitivity, in the tradition of falling in love and into beautiful girls. The entire history of Western literature is dominated by absolute pricks, I realize, pricks that can’t get hard but yet ejaculate with such eloquent language, Beckett was a prick with Lucia Joyce (poor Lucia), Scott Fitzgerald was a prick and how does she get revenge? She is always the minor writer.”

Kate Zambreno, Heroines (2013) p. 228.

The only problem being? Now I want to read EVERYTHING she mentions – all of it – the novels, the biographies, the letters, the diaries, the scraps – THE EVIDENCE of the silenced/othered.

I like to think my own heroine, Rebecca West, survived and was artistically successful because she dumped that pompous narcissist H. G. Wells , who tried his damnedest to control her, squirrelling her and their son off to the wilds of Wales and Norfolk to keep her out of sight and away from her career … just in time!

It’s made me more aware of myself as a female, as a writer, as a fractured identity than anything else I have ever read – it speaks to women in the here and now. Claim yourselves! She seems to be saying. Don’t be negated – don’t be sanitised by male expectations!

This author is inspirational.

In other news – 

Meet Hilda!

We don't all need to be size 0 to look HOT!
We don’t all need to be size 0 to look HOT!

On a more frivolous note – a friend sent me a link to this cheeky little bit of lighthearted fluff … leaving the whole hyper sexualised/objectifications of the female body thing aside for now it’s good to know a fat girl can rock the Pin-up world!

After all I keep saying it so it must be true  FAT is a feminist issue!

Zaftig /zäftig/ adjective: (of a woman) Having a full, rounded figure; plump. Yep – and baby I am not giving up cake for no man!


Diaries and Planners

I need a new one – I like the 18 month planners by Moleskine but they run from July to December (but ironically not from December to July – which would make sense surely?)
My daughter bought me a diary for Christmas which I felt obliged to use and now I find that as the end of the year draws closer I need a lovely soft back moleskin planner – so will unfortunately have to opt for the 12 month variety.
Ok so this isn’t as much of a problem as it sounds but the academic year runs at odds with normal 12 month planners … which means I can’t neatly file my diaries into corresponding academic years (sounds anally retentive but it is good for trying to remember past conferences etc) …

I also like the 18 month variety as it allows an overlap for each year and makes planning more fluid ( I am actually surprised at how my own geekiness has grown)
Oh the frustration! And I need to solve the problem soon as my commitments for 2012 are already mounting! I fear I am going to have to opt for the 12 month version! *sigh*

Literary QUERY:While I am here does anyone out there know of novels from about 1900 whose main or supplementary characters include a woman writer (working writer, journalist,novelist)? a fellow Scots Modernist is on the prowl for material of this nature and I wondered if anyone dropping by might have any relevant information.