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At the tender age of 33 I decided to return to full-time education and get myself a degree.

“It will enhance my career prospects after being a SAHM for several years” I thought.

“It will give me new opportunities to make new friends and develop personally” formed part of the internal monologue that was running through my mind.

“I shall still be in full-time education after 10 years” was most certainly NOT anticipated!

And yet here I am. A funded PhD research student currently battling with all the wonders of academic life!

I have family and friends and love my life, but as with everything it’s not without its frustrations. BIG FAT FRUSTRATIONS THAT LEAVE ME RANTING LIKE A BANSHEE, SCREAMING LIKE A HARPIE AND FROTHING WITH RAGE  …. I shall probably share a few of those along the way.

This has pretentious of being a daily blog. (No blog posts on Wednesdays or weekends)

Update – the pretentious of this blog have been exposed and it now touts itself as a weekly OCCASIONAL affair. This is due to bad time management and a lack of hours in any given day! 

In it I share the things I (and sometimes others) have found useful during my time as a research student, a journey which began nearly a decade ago.

I have pretensions of becoming a writer – I journal, I blog, I read, I take photographs and mostly I THINK! And one day, when I get time, I know I will WRITE.

It is safe to say I am now almost fully institutionalised. 


7 thoughts on “About the Pimpernel

  1. Sounds like my life… I got to 30 and decided to do a teaching degree. I decided to do an English degree, then Masters…now am onto a PhD on Narrative in Videogames. (Oh! I am DawnCHS on blip!)

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